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The University of Delhi is a premier university of the country and is known for its high standards in teaching and research and attracts eminent scholars to its faculty. It was established in 1922 as a unitary, teaching and residential university by an act of the Central Legislative Assembly. The President of India is the Visitor, the Vice President is the Chancellor and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India is the Pro-Chancellor of the University.

The Court, the Executive Council, the Academic Council and the Finance Committee are the authorities of the University. Following Officers of the University of Delhi are responsible for the administration of the University:

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor
  • Dean of Colleges
  • Director, Campus of Open Learning
  • Treasurer
  • Proctor
  • Registrar
  • Finance Officer
  • Adviser, Legal
  • Librarian
  • Dean, Students Welfare
  • Dean, Academic Activities & Projects
  • Dean, Examinations
  • Dean, Planning
  • Dean, International Relations (Science & Technology)
  • Dean, International Relations (Social Sciences & Humanities)
  • Chairperson, Research Council
  • Dean Research (Physical Sciences & Mathematical Sciences)
  • Dean Research (Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Dean Research (Life Sciences)
  • Dean Works
  • Adviser, Alumni Affairs
  • Deans of Faculties
  • Directors of Centres/Institutes
  • Heads of the Departments
  • Deputy Deans
  • Deputy Registrars
  • Deputy Finance Officers
  • Assistant Registrars
  • Officers on Special Duty (Examinations)
  • Deputy Controllers of Examinations 
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